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I was introduced to Whitebridge Financial Services through a friend as I mentioned to her about needing financial advice. I wanted to discuss about re-mortgage, whether I was appropriately insured as well as if I had enough money for my retirement. The biggest issue I was facing in the past was being unable to fully engage with previous advisers due to my lack of knowledge in this area. The second issue was that some advisers could only advice on either mortgage or investments which meant dealing with different advisers and paying more fees. 

When Kiran explained about his services, I was very happy that one adviser would look after all my needs and as we were covering many areas, it resulted in reduced charges for me. What I also like about their service is being able to speak directly with my adviser rather than a new person. I am also receiving regular reviews and reminders about my overall financial situation. I am happy and relieved that everything is being looked after, so I don’t need to worry about anything.

Soosy M


After I bought my first home, I was looking for advice on Life and Critical illness. I tried to gather some information online but it seemed quite confusing, so I contacted Whitebridge FS. My friend had recommended them as they had a good experience. Kiran was good at explaining the different options and made sure that it was within my budget. 

He was able to design the entire policy and make sure I was covered for various risks. After that he also explained the benefits of placing the policy in Trust, which I would have never known otherwise. 

The best part for me is not having to worry about understanding so many providers and products as well as having doubts if I was doing the right thing. I have recommended Kiran to my friends who have mentioned about having a similar good experience.

Igne S


I was looking for advice on my home and investments when I was introduced to Kiran. Although he is based in Scotland, he was fully aware of the legal process and rules in England and he provided some useful guidance as well as links to information available online, which helped in my decisions. Since then, I have received advice on many areas and the experience has been consistently good. 

I have also recommended many friends and people whom I meet in my local church. They have shared the same views and therefore I am happy to introduce more friends in future as we are getting an ‘easy to understand’ and honest advice.



Kiran has been providing protection, pension and investment advice to my wife and myself for few years now. Due to my work commitments, I have not been able to give time to my financial planning needs. He has been flexible to arrange meetings in his office or our home to provide guidance and deliver quality advice. He is willing to spend time to explain complex issues in a clear way and now we trust his judgement without needing to worry about anything. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good financial adviser.



I made an appointment with Whitebridge Financial Services to discuss my business insurance needs as my business was growing. I have a partner and some business finance which we took out while setting up my business. My accountant had mentioned about the importance of this cover many times but I was unsure of how to do this. My solicitor introduced me with Whitebridge as they were good at communicating and provided financial advice for other clients of my solicitor.

I received very good advice for both, my personal and business needs and utilise my overall budget in the best way possible. I feel confident that I have covered most areas now and wish to review my insurance needs with them again in future as circumstances change. 


Company Director

I was looking for information about clearing my mortgage sooner and I got in touch with Kiran at Whitebridge FS. I was happy that he took time to understand my overall financial situation as I was not aware that I was not insured after changing my job. Also, my income will reduce dramatically once I retire. During our second meeting, my wife joined the meeting and Kiran gave us good advice regarding my mortgage as well as pensions and insurances. Although I find these topics difficult to understand, I am now more aware of what we have because we get regular reviews, and all our arrangements are discussed and updated. I would highly recommend Kiran Sagar as he is a knowledgeable and helpful adviser. 

Alan B


I had contacted Kiran from Whitebridge initially for insurance advice as I was quite unsure whether I had enough cover in place and the right type of cover. I was specifically looking for a qualified financial adviser rather than an insurance broker as I felt someone with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of financial planning would be better for giving advice. I was happy to know that he worked with a wide range of providers for both personal and business plans.

Kiran knew that there was a lot of topics to discuss and therefore we met 3 times to go over everything and I didn’t feel rushed at any time. Since then, I have received advice for mortgage and pensions too. In the last 2-3 years, I have heard many friends speak highly about him which is re-assuring and I intend to work with him for a long time.



As a first time Buyer, I was unsure where to start the process as I was receiving mixed information from my close friends and some family members. I was confident that I needed an adviser who will explain to me all the steps in detail, help me plan for all my expenses related to the home buying process and help me with other parties like solicitors, estate agents, lender, valuation etc as I was new to this.

My accountant introduced me to Kiran who understood that my first language is not English, and I may require additional help as it’s my first home purchase. He provided a lot of support and assurance by explaining a step-by-step process to avoid confusion and unnecessary costs. I am extremely happy with the service and would be meeting him for my other needs in future too.



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